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Tiktoker Michael Bundi celebrates son


Tiktoker Michael Bundi celebrates son

Michael Bundi, Kenyan Reggae Afro-Fusion artist, has celebrated his son, Fayez Ace’s 6th birthday in a heartwarming post on social media. Fayez gained popularity after videos of him singing alongside his father went viral, and the father-son duo has since become a favorite of many.
In his post, Bundi expressed gratitude to God for his son, and he praised Fayez for being an amazing soul. He described how he had watched Fayez grow from mastering one musical phrase to singing whole musical pieces, and he recognized his son’s impact on millions of lives.
Bundi started doing music in 2011 and is known for making reggae versions of both local and international songs. He defines his genre as the new generation of Reggae Afro-Fusion and sings in Swahili, Meru, and English. He is also a master in playing piano and guitar. Bundi’s biggest support has always been his father, who helped him set up his first studio and provided both financial and emotional support.
Inspired by great reggae singers such as Bob Marley and Garnet Silk, Bundi has collaborated with a multi-Grammy award-winning artist, Etana, and Kenyan rap artist Zzero Sufuri.
Bundi is a young father of two who believes that his music is a source of hope and knowledge for fellow young parents. As a depression survivor, he feels the need to heal others through his music. Bundi and Fayez’s sweet young dad and son bond has raised a new fan base, and the father is now among the biggest TikTok creators in 2022.
Bundi’s earliest memories of singing were with his mother, who wrapped him in a kanga on her back as they walked their daily path. With guidance from his father, a music teacher who taught him the fundamentals of instruments and vocals, Michael was given the tools to embark on his musical destiny.
In conclusion, Michael Bundi’s love for his son, Fayez, is heartwarming, and their bond is admirable. Bundi’s music career is a testament to his determination and hard work, and his success is well deserved.

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