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Thee Pluto Battling Depression, Asks Fans for Prayers


Thee Pluto Battling Depression, Asks Fans for Prayers

YouTube personality Thee Pluto, real name Robert Ndegwa Kamau, has publicly opened up about his struggles with depression. Taking to his InstaStories, Thee Pluto shared a vulnerable message with his followers, revealing that he feels like he is “losing it” and that “depression is eating me slowly from inside.” The 23-year-old requested that his fans pray for him during this difficult time.
While Thee Pluto did not disclose any further details about what was causing his depression, he has been the subject of controversy recently. Some have been pressuring him to take a DNA test to confirm the paternity of his child with girlfriend Felicity Shiru. Controversial blogger Andrew Kibe has even claimed that the child does not belong to Thee Pluto. However, Felicity has brushed off the rumors and declined to comment further.
During an interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, Thee Pluto responded to Kibe’s push for a DNA test and also addressed claims by Nick Bigfish that his YouTube show ‘Loyalty Test’ is stage-managed.
It takes courage to speak out about mental health struggles, and Thee Pluto’s openness is a reminder that even those who seem to have it all together may be battling demons beneath the surface. Let us all take a moment to send positive thoughts and prayers his way as he navigates this challenging time.

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