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Flaqo recalls close encounters with older women before fame


Flaqo recalls close encounters with older women before fame

Comedian Flaqo recently revealed how he had been hit on by older women many times before becoming famous. During an interview with the Iko Nini podcast, Flaqo discussed female politicians’ preference for dating younger men, admitting that he had been asked out by an older woman who almost convinced him to be her toy boy.
According to Flaqo, the first incident happened in a club where a woman flaunted her wealth and asked him to ditch his female friend for a good time. He was warned against older Nairobi women who try to lure young men, but he still had another encounter with an equally stubborn-headed older woman who wanted to host him at her home. She was a married woman whose husband had traveled abroad, and she invited him for a sleepover. Although he was very tempted, he thought twice about the offer.
Flaqo admitted that he had dated older women than him and revealed that they were not just limited to Kenyan female politicians. “The fact that people do comedy about Aunty Harrier means that it exists, and they are portraying how society is,” he said.
During the podcast, Flaqo also talked about the leaked video of CAS Millicent Omanga, discussing the possibility that it was AI-generated. He added that he believes that society should respect people’s privacy, and he doesn’t like it when private matters are exposed in public.
Flaqo’s story about his close encounters with older women before fame shows that he has come a long way since then. He is currently dating Keranta and is one of the most successful comedians in Kenya.

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