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Dr. Ofweneke to Nicah The Queen: You’re the only one allowed to post our kids


Dr. Ofweneke to Nicah The Queen: You’re the only one allowed to post our kids

Dr. Ofweneke has made it clear to the mother of his children, Nicah The Queen, that she is the only one allowed to post photos of their kids on social media. During an episode of the reality TV show ‘Oh Sister,’ Ofweneke expressed his dissatisfaction when DJ Slahver, Nicah’s boyfriend, posted a picture of their daughter on social media.
In the show, Ofweneke went on to inquire about the DJ’s net worth, stating that when he meets him, he’s the one who greets him, and the DJ doesn’t have the courage to say hi to him. “You are the only one allowed to post the kids,” Ofweneke reiterated.
Nicah tried to defend her man, pointing out that he is part of the family, and suggested a scenario where the kids might need to be part of a family endorsement. However, they didn’t come to an agreement, and Ofweneke went on to suggest that he would rent a house for their daughters to live in.
Later on, Nicah updated her Instagram followers, saying, “My baby daddy has denied Slahver the authority to post his kids. That will be hard. This life doesn’t need hard feelings.”
Ofweneke and Nicah The Queen are blessed with two kids, and although they have both moved on years after their split, they are co-parenting their children.
The issue of children’s privacy has always been a topic of concern for parents, especially celebrities. They often have to balance between sharing their family lives with their fans and protecting their children’s privacy. Dr. Ofweneke’s stand on this matter is a clear indication of how celebrities can set boundaries to protect their children’s privacy.
In conclusion, it is important to remember that children’s privacy should be respected at all times, and it’s up to parents to decide how much they want to share with the world. By setting boundaries, celebrities can protect their children’s privacy and avoid unwanted attention.

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