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Jeff Mwathi’s Pal Beaten Demanding Justice


Jeff Mwathi’s Pal Beaten Demanding Justice

The tragic death of Jeff Mwathi has left friends and family members heartbroken, yet they remain committed to their pursuit of justice. Last week, their determination culminated in a protest march to the DCI headquarters, with the fire for justice burning brightly in their hearts.

However, in a shocking turn of events, one of Jeff’s friends was brutally attacked after the demonstration. The unidentified assailants taunted the young man, daring him to report the incident to the police, and ruthlessly beat him in front of his own mother.

While it remains uncertain whether the attackers are connected to DJ Fatxo’s entourage or are merely random troublemakers, the victim’s injuries were evident during an interview with Eve Mungai’s team. Despite the assault, the victim and other supporters continue to demand justice for their beloved Jeff.

In a recent update, the DCI announced the conclusion of their investigation into Jeff’s death. The public now anxiously awaits the results, hoping that the truth will come to light and bring closure to Jeff’s grieving friends and family.

As this tragic story unfolds, the irony of the situation cannot be overlooked. A friend seeking justice for Jeff has become a victim of injustice himself. The senseless attack on the young man highlights the need for swift and effective action against such brutal acts.

The late Jeff Mwathi’s loved ones remain hopeful that their relentless pursuit of justice will pay off in the end. Their courage and determination, even in the face of adversity, serve as a reminder that the fight for justice must continue – not just for Jeff, but for all those who suffer at the hands of brutality and injustice.

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