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DJ Fatxo’s Fear of Death Kept Him from Mwathi’s Body


DJ Fatxo’s Fear of Death Kept Him from Mwathi’s Body

The mysterious death of interior designer Jeff Mwathi has gripped the nation, as detectives have been tirelessly investigating the events leading up to his demise at DJ Fatxo’s apartment. Today, the case file has been forwarded to the Office of the Public Prosecutor, following the conclusion of the investigation into Mwathi’s cause of death. The DPP will decide whether to prosecute any suspects based on the findings.

According to investigators, six individuals, including DJ Fatxo, his driver, two women, Mwathi, and another man, had returned to Fatxo’s Thika Road apartment after a night out partying. The celebration continued at the apartment, with Mwathi eventually becoming intoxicated and being led to a nearby room to recuperate.

CCTV footage showed DJ Fatxo and the two women leaving the apartment shortly after Mwathi was escorted to the room. The two remaining men at the house continued partying before checking the parking lot to see if the DJ had returned and passed out in his car, a common occurrence according to their statements.

Detectives gathered forensic evidence suggesting Mwathi was murdered, and they believe the small window he allegedly fell from was too narrow for someone to push him through. They theorize that Mwathi jumped from the window, which may explain why his pants were found at his knees, as his last contact with the window was at his waist.

When DJ Fatxo returned home, he was seen conversing with a neighbor before entering the apartment. He informed the two men inside that he had heard about a person falling from the building but could not bring himself to go outside due to his fear of dead bodies and death-related incidents. The men were still in the lift on their way to the parking lot when CCTV captured Mwathi’s body falling from the 10th floor, making it impossible to establish a forensic link between them and Mwathi’s death.

As the case moves forward, the public eagerly awaits the final decision on whether any suspects will face prosecution in connection to Jeff Mwathi’s tragic and mysterious death.

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