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Dantez 254 Abandons Music Dream, Struggles with Poverty


Dantez 254 Abandons Music Dream, Struggles with Poverty

Gengentone singer Daniel Simiyu, popularly known as Dantez 254, has revealed that he has given up on his music career and is now living in poverty. The artist opened up about his life in fame and the challenges he has faced since his contract with Sadat Muhindi’s Maliza Umaskini management ended.

Dantez shared that his life has been miserable after the contract ended, forcing him to defer his studies and shatter his music dreams. Under the contract, he was able to pay his school fees and his mother’s rent. However, the situation has now drastically changed, with his mother returning to her own mother’s home.

The “Alaa” hitmaker was 14 years old and in Form Three when his song went viral. Encouraged by his fame, he completed his Form Four studies last year, attaining a C+. Dantez then went to college, hoping to become a teacher, but his dream now hangs in the balance due to financial challenges.

In a heartfelt interview with Plug TV, Dantez expressed sadness at the turn of events, lamenting that his fellow artists are no longer answering his calls since they were used to dealing with his manager. He stated, “I feel so useless, and I can be a teacher. I can teach somebody’s son or daughter. I can be a great singer in the future, but right now, this is the situation, a dream is about to be shattered.”

Dantez also spoke about a suicide attempt during the interview, admitting that he is severely depressed and feels like there is no one to turn to for help.

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