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Akothee Claps Back at Lawyer’s Prenup Query in Witty Style


Akothee Claps Back at Lawyer’s Prenup Query in Witty Style

Newlywed singer Akothee has fired back at Canadian lawyer and political strategist Miguna Miguna after he questioned her prenuptial arrangements. Akothee, known for her impressive wealth, has made it clear that she’s not interested in what Miguna has to say about her marriage to Dennis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer.

Miguna’s comments came on the night of the wedding, but it seems Akothee only recently caught wind of them. Choosing to address the issue publicly, she took to Instagram to share a tabloid screenshot featuring Miguna’s remarks, boldly stating, “Someone tell Miguna Miguna this is not politics. And he should tell me his net worth before he attacks my husband.” Akothee also added the cryptic phrase, “Inclusivity deficiency.”

In a heated phone call with Citizen Digital, Akothee didn’t hold back in her response to Miguna, urging him to stay out of her marital affairs. She reminded him that her marriage was not the place for his usual political antics and that she was more than ready to confront him directly.

Akothee questioned Miguna’s right to advise her on her wealth and choice of spouse, especially considering he wasn’t around during her rise to financial success. She further pointed out the double standard in prenuptial expectations, highlighting that no one advises a “mzungu” to sign a prenup before marrying an African lady.

In a subsequent Instagram post, Akothee defended her husband, stating that he was giving other men “sleepless nights” and emphasizing that she didn’t marry him for his wealth. She declared that if wealth were the primary factor, she would have accepted one of the three previous proposals from wealthy suitors, including a billionaire.

Akothee proudly affirmed her decision to marry her “Prince Charming,” asserting her knowledge of his worth, his family, and his wealth. Clearly, Akothee isn’t one to shy away from defending her choices, and she’s more than capable of standing up to critics like Miguna Miguna with wit and flair.

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