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Rising MC, Mc Gogo, shares his journey to fame


Rising MC, Mc Gogo, shares his journey to fame

Mc Gogo, a rising MC in the Kenyan entertainment industry, recently shared his journey to fame during an interview with Dr. Ofweneke on Tv 47. The young MC talked about his first-ever gig, which he did for free just to get some exposure. He recalled how he had asked a friend who was a poet to let him come along and be an MC for his friends. “I told him, niaje bro ningependa sana kujaribu clubbing scene so please let me come,” Mc Gogo said.

He also shared how hard work pays off and how he is not worried if other MCs copy his style. “My vibe is…hata ukocpy nini I don’t think there is somebody who can match my vibe, so mimi hata unicpoy nini, hautamanage,” he told Dr. Ofweneke.

When asked about his best moment so far, Mc Gogo recounted how Maina and Kingangi used his audio for their radio show. “It was one of the best feelings. I think I had a gig the previous night or something then I got a call that I did not pick up,” he said. After receiving more calls, he decided to return one of them and was told that Maina and Kingangi had referred to him on their morning show. “Iyo kitu ilinishangaza trust me. I was even sent for the audio, and then what even made me so happy was to be used as an ad for the whole week. So like my name was on Radio for a whole week,” he added.

This experience has helped Mc Gogo’s popularity climb even further, and he is determined to work hard and continue to improve his craft. Dr. Ofweneke praised him for his hard work, saying, “We are happy when we see our young brothers coming up and we see you guys changing the game. I want you to know I’ve always been your fan.”

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