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Eddie Butita makes grand entrance at Akothee’s wedding


Eddie Butita makes grand entrance at Akothee’s wedding

Comedian Eddie Butita made a grand entrance at singer Akothee’s wedding held at the Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club on April 10, 2023. Butita’s arrival, accompanied by his girlfriend Sadia on a chopper, outshone all other VIP guests. However, after the video of his grand entrance at the wedding went viral, Butita disabled the comment section on his Instagram account following attacks by trolls.

Speaking to Plug TV, Butita said that he disabled the comment section because he was being attacked by trolls for flying to Akothee’s wedding. He further vowed to continue flying on a chopper to wedding venues and now charges Ksh1 million to attend weddings on a chopper and Ksh2 million to tag along with his girlfriend.

Speaking to vloggers when he landed at Windsor Golf Hotel for Akothee’s wedding, Butita claimed that he decided to fly to the wedding because all his cars were at the car wash getting cleaned. “Wacheni tuende tutulie ni harusi ya Akothee. It’s a big day we are here sorry gari zangu zilikua zimeoshwa zote, but we will be back,” Butita said.

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