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Celebrities share memories of their first salaries


Celebrities share memories of their first salaries

As we grow up and start earning, the first paycheck or salary is always special. It doesn’t matter how much the amount is; it does make people happy, proud, and emotional. How we spend it is also a special experience. Below are some celebrities who have shared their first salary and how much the amount was.

Captain Otoyo, a popular Kenyan comedian, shared the details of his first salary while working at Royal Media’s Citizen TV during an interview with Mpasho. He disclosed that his allowance exceeded his actual salary, revealing that he was paid a salary of eight thousand with an allowance of ten thousand.

Inspector Mwala, also known as Davis Hezron Mwabili, revealed in previous interviews that he earned 150 shillings as his salary for the first month when he started working in Vitimbi and Vihoja Mahakamani shows in 1994. He added that the amount of money increased to 450 shillings after a month.

Jalangoo, a popular radio host and comedian, disclosed that he was paid forty thousand by Radio Africa in his first month as he was working for Kiss Fm. He also explained how he used every penny of it, saying that he treated his friend Captain Otoyo for lunch and bought household items like a TV and a bed.

Maina Kageni, a popular radio host, started his career at Capital FM before he moved to Nation FM. He revealed that he got a call from the Radio Africa boss, who summoned him to a meeting and was offered a whooping 380,000 Kenyan shillings.

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