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Nonini Challenges Clemo to Court over Copyright Infringement Claims


Nonini Challenges Clemo to Court over Copyright Infringement Claims

Nonini, the US-based Kenyan rapper, has challenged his former producer, Clemo, to take him to court after he claimed that Nonini’s court win in a copyright infringement case was a “favour.” In a video that surfaced online, Clemo stated that the track “We Kamu” is his creation and that he wasn’t compensated for it. Nonini quickly responded to Clemo’s allegations, challenging him to go to court, stating that if Clemo wants to pursue the matter, he’s ready. Nonini reminded Clemo that the court system is about facts, not emotional outbursts on social media. The court recently awarded Nonini Sh1million in damages in another copyright infringement case against social media influencer Brian Mutinda.
Nonini invested his time and resources in the matter, and he advised Clemo to do the same if he wished to pursue the case. The singer asked Clemo to follow his path if he wants to get anything out of the situation, stating that he has several copyright infringement cases in court that have been running simultaneously for several years.
“Ignorance sometimes huwa Mbaya…ngojeni kwanza nimalizane na influencer and the company then nikuje ni deal na hii ufala yenyu,” Nonini wrote in response to Clemo’s comments. “You do know every citizen has the right to appeal any court decision as per our constitution. (So reading about things on mtandao utakaa fala sana). If you feel your rights were infringed, you are at all liberty to open a suit against the 2 (influencer and company), but court systems are about facts not emotional outbursts on social media. You gotta prove your case.”
Nonini said the court’s ruling was a win for Kenyan artists, borrowing the words of rapper 50 Cent, “I’m gonna need it by Monday.” He wrote on social media that the day of the ruling, March 23rd, 2023, would go down in history and is a Win for the Kenyan Music Industry #Mgenge2ru Vs the people who used my song “WeKamu” to push a product.
The copyright infringement case started in April 2022 when Brian Mutinda used Nonini’s song “We Kamu” synchronized with visuals to promote a product without a synchronization license.
In conclusion, Nonini has asked Clemo to pursue the matter through legal means if he feels his rights have been infringed. Nonini’s warning shows that the court systems are about facts, and anyone who feels wronged must prove their case. The court’s recent award of Sh1million in damages in a copyright infringement case against social media influencer Brian Mutinda shows that justice is being served in the Kenyan music industry.

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