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Anerlisa Muigai Commends President Ruto’s Support for Local Entrepreneurs


Anerlisa Muigai Commends President Ruto’s Support for Local Entrepreneurs

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has recently met with President William Ruto, where she praised the Head of State for his understanding of the struggles faced by local business owners. In an Instagram post on Wednesday, April 11, Ms Muigai revealed that the President had asked her why she had not tried to sell her water to him, a question that she found to be heartfelt and surprising. Anerlisa noted that President Ruto’s understanding of the challenges of local entrepreneurs was encouraging, adding that she felt blessed to have a president who gets it.
During the meeting, President Ruto expressed his determination to ensure that state and government functionaries embrace “Made in Kenya” products, with Anerlisa emphasizing that this is one of the ways local brands can grow. She wrote, “State and government functionaries must and should embrace ‘Made in Kenya’ to support what Kenyans produce. KE Govt and County governments must consume Kenyan brands. It is one of the ways local brands can grow.” She added that the meeting was inspiring and that they should brace for a new chapter.
The daughter of Nakuru Senator Tabitha Karanja has been vocal about the challenges faced by local entrepreneurs, with Keroche Breweries, the company founded by her parents, facing legal battles with the Kenya Revenue Authority over tax issues. Anerlisa’s commendation of President Ruto’s support for local businesses comes at a time when many are calling for more government intervention to support Kenyan entrepreneurs.

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