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Akothee’s Husband Criticized For Being A ‘Nobody’


Akothee’s Husband Criticized For Being A ‘Nobody’

Akothee’s husband, Dennis Omosh, has been on the receiving end of criticism from netizens who doubt his financial status. The couple got married in an extravagant wedding, despite having dated for less than a year. Fans have accused Akothee of being the breadwinner in the relationship and controlling her husband in every way. One reason for this is the fact that Akothee opened a social media account for her husband and named him ‘Mister Omosh’. Additionally, there is little information available about Omosh, leading some to suspect that he may not be as rich as Akothee claims.
In response to the criticism, some netizens have commented that Omosh “ameekwa” (he is a kept man), while others have simply expressed their doubts about his financial status. Despite this, Akothee seems unfazed and has updated her Instagram bio to read “Mrs. Schweizer” following their wedding.

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