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Why Andrew Kibe Failed to Shed a Tear on his Wedding Day


Why Andrew Kibe Failed to Shed a Tear on his Wedding Day

Andrew Kibe, the popular content creator, recently opened up about his wedding experience, revealing why he didn’t cry on his big day. Although Kibe is currently divorced, he was previously married, and he shared his experience after Akothee, the self-proclaimed President of Single Mothers, tied the knot with her bae, Omosh.
Kibe humorously shared that he had planned on shedding tears when his bride walked down the aisle, but he couldn’t. He explained that if a couple has already been intimate before the wedding, there’s no need for the groom to cry. “I knew when I saw the bride walking down the aisle, I would be overtaken by emotions. I knew I had smashed her and knew there was a possibility of me smashing her on our wedding night, so there wasn’t any anticipation,” he said, adding that he hoped to be emotional but didn’t understand at what point he should start crying.
Kibe also shared details about his failed marriages, businesses, and media career. “Bro, I’m a collection of failures. I failed in marriages, not once, but twice. All my relationships have come to an end,” he said. He even admitted to being arrested several times by the police due to debts he incurred while working at Kiss, a radio station.
Despite his past failures, Kibe expressed interest in Nikita Kering, saying that he would marry her if given a chance.

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