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Jimal Hints At Breakup with Wangari, Fueling Rumors of Rekindled Romance with Amber Ray


Jimal Hints At Breakup with Wangari, Fueling Rumors of Rekindled Romance with Amber Ray

Jimal’s recent post on his Instagram stories has sparked speculation about the state of his relationship with his girlfriend Wangari. The post reads, “When nobody wakes you up in the morning, when nobody waits for you at night when you can do whatever you want, what do you call it? Freedom or loneliness?”
While some of his followers are interpreting the post as a sign of a breakup with Wangari, others believe that it could be related to his renewed interest in his ex-girlfriend, socialite Amber Ray.
Their relationship has been on-again, off-again since they famously dated back in 2021. Jimal even offered Amber the role of brand ambassador for his company Huduma Credit after they refollowed each other on Instagram. He also gifted her a Range Rover after she expressed her boredom with her old jeep.
Recently, Amber posted a video of herself receiving a belly massage, and Jimal was seen simping in the comment section. Fans are now calling on him to focus on his family and stop disrespecting Wangari.
Jimal had started dating Amber without his wife’s consent, and when Amira found out about their relationship, she threatened to divorce him. However, Amber defended herself, saying that Jimal had told her he was divorcing Amira.
Although they had broken up, Amber had gotten pregnant for Jimal but miscarried. She said she was happy things worked out that way because she did not think the relationship could go any further, with or without the baby.
As the rumors continue to swirl, it remains to be seen what will become of Jimal and Wangari’s relationship and whether there will be a rekindling of romance between Jimal and Amber.
Perhaps Jimal should take a cue from his own company’s name and provide some much-needed “Huduma” to his loved ones.

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