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Captain Otoyo: Honoring his late dad and keeping quiet about relationship rumors


Captain Otoyo: Honoring his late dad and keeping quiet about relationship rumors

Kenyan comedian Captain Otoyo Sibuor recently sat down for an interview with, where he opened up about how he keeps his father’s memory alive after his passing last year. “My mzee, I personally think that angekua to see how things turned out for me,” he said emotionally. “I work hard not to let him down…I just want to make him happy up there by just doing good.”
Otoyo had previously referred to his father as the family’s Mugumo tree, the pillar that held them together. He works hard to make his father proud, noting that his dad “spent on people a lot and that’s what I do, I’m doing the same on his behalf.”
During the interview, Otoyo also addressed rumors about his relationship with TV presenter Mashirima Kapombe. While the two were rumored to be in a relationship and allegedly have an eight-year-old son together, Otoyo chose to remain silent. “I choose not to discuss these things,” he said, adding that “They will speak for themselves.”
This isn’t the first time Otoyo has spoken about Kapombe. In 2014, he shared a photo of her on Facebook with the caption, “A friend of my heart.” However, Kapombe denied the relationship when asked by a fan if she was married or dating Otoyo.
While Otoyo may be keeping quiet about his personal life, he continues to make his father proud with his successful career in entertainment and comedy. His dedication to honoring his father’s memory is truly admirable.

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