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Akothee’s New Swiss Love: Warm Kenyans, Lavish Weddings, and Pig Farming


Akothee’s New Swiss Love: Warm Kenyans, Lavish Weddings, and Pig Farming

Akothee, the famous Kenyan musician, recently tied the knot with a Swiss businessman named Denis Schweizer, also known as Mr. Omosh. The couple met in Switzerland through a mutual friend while Akothee was on vacation in Europe. Interestingly, Akothee had met this same mutual friend 13 years ago when she was working as a taxi driver in Mombasa.
Omosh had been visiting Kenya since 2019 and was looking to invest in the country, which is how he came into contact with Akothee. He loves Kenya and its warm and welcoming citizens, which is a contrast to Switzerland where everyone minds their business.
The couple dated for 6 months before getting married in a lavish ceremony in Windsor. Akothee introduced Omosh as the new chairman of her foundation, The Akothee Foundation. She also denied rumors that she stole Omosh from another woman in Mtwapa.
Despite not attending the wedding, Omosh’s parents spoke with Akothee for an hour and got to know each other well. The couple plans to hold another wedding in Switzerland in three weeks.
Overall, Akothee’s new husband Denis Schweizer, aka Mr. Omosh, is a Swiss national who loves Kenya and has invested in the country. He met Akothee through a mutual friend and they dated for 6 months before getting married.

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