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Wise investment: Churchill congratulates Sammy Kioko for gifting parents a house


Wise investment: Churchill congratulates Sammy Kioko for gifting parents a house

Celebrated Kenyan comedian and TV host, Daniel Ndambuki, popularly known as Mwalimu Churchill, has congratulated fellow comedian, Sammy Kioko, for gifting his mother a fully furnished house. In a heartfelt message, Churchill acknowledged Kioko’s noble act and added that it is a way of tapping blessings from one’s parents. “Congratulations @sammie_kioko for blessing Mum with a place she can call home. That’s how we tap blessings from our parents,” he wrote, adding a humorous note, “We shall visit tule kuku za kienyeji.


 Hongera.” Kioko, who was emotional during the housewarming ceremony, expressed gratitude to Churchill and his fans for their support. He also shared photos of him and his mother standing in front of the new house, with a caption that read, “The storm is finally over!! May This Gift be a Blessing to you… Welcome Home Mum, It’s been God.”

Kioko has joined a list of Kenyan celebrities, including DJ Fatxo, DJ Mo, DJ Joe Mfalme, King Kaka, Miracle Baby, Terence Creative, YY Comedian, and Jackie Matubia, who have recently gifted their parents with houses. This gesture is seen as a wise investment in the future of their parents, who have supported them through their careers. Fans and celebrities congratulated Kioko for his thoughtful and generous act, with many wishing him blessings and success.

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