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Mama Baha Takes Break from Acting to Raise Adorable Son


Mama Baha Takes Break from Acting to Raise Adorable Son

Actress Wanjiku Mburu, better known as Mama Baha from the popular Kenyan TV series Machachari, has been absent from the acting scene for some time now. In a recent interview with SPM Buzz, Mama Baha revealed that she took a break from acting to focus on raising her baby boy.

After being in multiple acting roles for over 20 years, Mama Baha described the hiatus as a good decision, saying, “Kazi tunarudia, I’m in an industry that does not have a cut-off time, saa hii nalea so mimepotea kidogo but nitarudi. Sasa nikirudi unaweza trust nimekuja na big things.”

Mama Baha misses her TV children from Machachari, saying, “Hii ni bond tunegrow nayo, I consider them family, our chemistry was real it was not forced. I am proud to have acted with them.” However, she also reminded fans that she is going through normal life and has her own challenges to deal with.

Regarding the royalties for the actors from Machachari, Mama Baha revealed that no actor from the program is earning royalties. “Well bila kusema mambo mingi ni ukweli for whatever reason you sign a contract, kipindi sio yetu ni yao, unfortunately when we were hired we never signed a contract that would ensure we get royalties, so there’s nothing much we can do,” she said.

Despite this setback, Mama Baha remains optimistic and believes that she will never be irrelevant in the industry. “Content is king and there are so many stories I can tell,” she said. “Even if I have been away for ten years, consumers are still there, reinvent is the game.”

Now, Mama Baha is working on a feature film and other future projects while raising her adorable son. “He will be turning one kidogo nilikuwa ninalea its very important I believe kwanza kukaa na mtoto kidogo kazi tunarudia very soon,” she said.

Mama Baha’s story is a reminder that sometimes, taking a break from work to focus on family is the best decision one can make. And with her talent and experience, we can’t wait to see what big things she brings to the industry when she returns.

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