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Machachari stars left with Machozi after earnings snub


Machachari stars left with Machozi after earnings snub

“Mama Baha” of the popular Kenyan show, Machachari, has disclosed that the actors on the show are not entitled to any royalties or earnings from the program. In an interview with SPM Buzz, Wanjiku Mburu explained that Royal Media Services (RMS) stopped paying Machachari stars and other people who starred in various popular programs used to air on their station. She cited the contracts that they signed 10 years ago, which did not allow them the opportunity to continue earning after the program ended.

“The program is not ours, it’s theirs, and it is unfortunate that we didn’t sign the royalties contract at the time,” Mburu said. “So there is nothing much we can do. We have to accept the outcome because the company can do whatever they want to do with it.”

Wanjiku advised that before signing any contract, one should ask questions and look for finer details in the contract, to avoid such occurrences. “It’s been like 10 years, and things have changed over that period,” she added. “No one is at fault; it’s just that it was not our time. That’s all.”

This is not the first time that actors in Kenya have spoken out about unfair treatment. A few years ago, Tahidi High actor OJ called out his former bosses at Citizen TV for using his content and photos, yet he was no longer working for them. OJ expressed his disappointment with TV stations that continue using filmmakers’ content without awarding them.

OJ stated that despite the show making a brand name for him, some issues need to be addressed to protect upcoming actors. “That thing still hurts me to date,” he said, referring to the contract that gave Citizen TV the right to do anything with the content.

The lack of a proper contract and the resulting unfair treatment of actors is not unique to Kenya, but a global issue in the entertainment industry. It is crucial that actors and content creators understand their contracts and ensure that they are adequately compensated for their work.

Mama Baha is now working on a feature film and has several future projects in the works. She believes that it’s essential to take time for oneself and focus on one’s family before diving into work. “He will be turning one kidogo nilikuwa ninalea its very important I believe kwanza kukaa na mtoto kidogo kazi tunarudia very soon,” she said. While she is always happy to talk to fans, Mama Baha advised people to make sure they have their lives together before reaching out for help. “Na maisha yako pia ni ngumu,” she said, “so before you reach out hakikisha umejismamisha.”

In conclusion, Mama Baha’s hiatus from acting has been a positive decision, and she’s now ready to come back to the screen with a bang. Her fans can’t wait to see what she has in store for them in the future.

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