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Grandmother of murdered Jeff Mwathi curses DJ Fatxo, demands justice


Grandmother of murdered Jeff Mwathi curses DJ Fatxo, demands justice

The tragic murder of Jeff Mwathi inside DJ Fatxo’s house has left his family in shambles. His grandmother has now spoken out, expressing her frustration with the slow pace of justice and the suspicion that DJ Fatxo is bribing his way out of the case.

In an interview with Nakuru Today’s YouTube channel, Jeff Mwathi’s grandmother insisted that DJ Fatxo killed her grandson and may have done so for ritual purposes. She further claimed that DJ Fatxo took photos of Jeff while he was tied and sent them to several people before throwing him off the building. She concluded by wishing that Jeff haunts DJ Fatxo wherever he goes, so that he may never forget the pain he caused.

The case has been ongoing, and Jeff Mwathi’s body was recently exhumed for a second autopsy. His family hopes that justice will be served soon.

In related news, Mercy Wairimu, the lawyer in charge of Jeff Mwathi’s murder case, recently lost her daughter on her first birthday. Jeff’s mother, Hanna Wacuka, has also broken her silence about the progress of finding justice for her son.

The headline for this tragic story could be: “Grandmother’s Curse Haunts DJ Fatxo in Murder Case.”

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