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Yvette Obura shares her weight loss journey


Yvette Obura shares her weight loss journey

Yvette Obura, Bahati’s baby mama, has shared her weight loss journey, revealing before and after photos of herself within a span of 50 days. Unlike men, women are more susceptible to losing and gaining weight, especially during and after pregnancy. Yvette claimed that she used intermittent fasting to achieve her results, and her Instagram stories further showcased her progress and dedication. Fans were impressed with her tremendous weight change, particularly her belly, and praised her for achieving the results in such a short time. She is undoubtedly rocking her new physique. In other news on Ghafla! Kenya, Pritty Vishy attacked Stevo Simple Boy’s wife, Eric Omondi was arrested again, and Mulamwah shared his fatherhood journey in a video.

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