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Tiffah, is unhappy with their domestic worker


Tiffah, is unhappy with their domestic worker

Diamond Platnumz’s daughter, Tiffah, is unhappy with their domestic worker’s pronunciation of her name. In a video posted on her Instagram, the seven-year-old complains to her mother, Zari Hassan, that she wants her name pronounced softly and not loudly. Tiffah threatens to take the issue up with the branch manager in South Africa or escalate it to head office in Tanzania if the matter is not resolved. Zari records the video and tries to get to the bottom of why the domestic worker calls Tiffah in such a manner. Tiffah insists that she doesn’t know and demands that the worker be fired. Zari suggests that Tiffah should speak to the worker first before considering firing her, but Tiffah refuses. Despite Zari’s reluctance, Tiffah’s demand for the worker’s termination stands.

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