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Davido Gives Sauti Sol Major Shoutout


Davido Gives Sauti Sol Major Shoutout

Sauti Sol is undoubtedly one of Kenya’s biggest musical exports, and they have once again hit the headlines with a big win from Nigerian star Davido. Davido recently released his latest album, Timeless, which broke Spotify streaming records in Nigeria. In one of the songs, he sang about feeling a certain way after listening to Sauti Sol, which is quite the co-sign! This move by Davido is excellent subliminal marketing, as his millions of fans who may not have known Sauti Sol previously would be inclined to listen to their music and potentially become new fans of the Kenyan boy band. Bien, one of the band members, took to social media to thank Davido for the shoutout and celebrate the fact that Kenyan artists can now make headway into the Nigerian market. This shoutout is a significant win for Sauti Sol, and we can only imagine the positive impact it will have on their career.

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