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Mysterious deaths of six Kenyans in 2023 raise concerns


Mysterious deaths of six Kenyans in 2023 raise concerns

Since the beginning of 2023, Kenya has witnessed an increased number of sudden and untimely deaths. Among these are six individuals who have died under mysterious circumstances, leaving Kenyans in shock and raising concerns about their safety.

Jeff Mwathi: He allegedly fell off a building after spending time with Mugithi artist Fatxo. The people he was with claimed that he committed suicide, which the police have refuted.

Pastor Veronicah: She died in the house of gospel artist Dishon Mirugi. The post-mortem revealed that she died as a result of pressure to the neck, and it is alleged that she had gone to collect Ksh 700K owed to her by the artist.

Joseph Kubende: He died after falling from the fourth floor of an apartment in Roysambu area, Nairobi. He was alone at the time of his fall, and witnesses said he landed on his head becoming unconscious.

Blair Muthomi: He died after falling from a building in Kasarani under unclear circumstances.

Brenda Kawira: She allegedly jumped to her death in Kasarani, but her family denies this claim and has been given contradicting information regarding her death.

Edwin Chiloba: The gay fashion model was found dead and decomposing inside a metal box in Uasin Gishu County. His alleged lover and BFF Jacktone Odhiambo is a prime suspect in the murder.

These deaths are still under investigation, and it is unclear what led to their untimely demise. The police have refuted claims of suicide and are working to unravel the truth behind these mysterious deaths.
The recent surge in sudden and mysterious deaths has raised concerns about the safety of Kenyans, and there have been calls for the government to take action to ensure the safety of its citizens. The families of the deceased are still mourning their loss, and their hearts go out to those who have lost their loved ones in similar circumstances.
In conclusion, the deaths of these six Kenyans under mysterious circumstances are a cause for concern and highlight the need for the government to take action to ensure the safety of its citizens. May their souls rest in peace.

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