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I’m celibate – Anerlisa Muigai


I’m celibate – Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai, the Keroche heiress, has taken to Instagram to announce that she has been celibate for seven months. She shared that she feels better, and her perspective on everything has changed. Anerlisa previously jumped into a new relationship with Melvin Ibrahim after divorcing Tanzanian singer Ben Pol in 2021. She has publicly been talking about her new partner, whom she describes as “one who won my heart”. Anerlisa also mentioned in a separate interview that she always thought everyone she dated was genuine, which made her not see the clear picture. Practising celibacy has several positive impacts, such as broadening spiritual well-being, enhancing character traits like restraint, patience, and self-compassion. Additionally, it can help one to focus attention on other areas in life and remove the pressure of introducing sex into a new relationship. It also helps redefine how a person sees things, and it can save money by avoiding the purchase of condoms, birth control, or other contraceptives. Celibacy can also remove the possibility of unplanned pregnancies and lessen the likelihood of sexually transmitted diseases. Celibacy is a voluntary vow of abstaining from sexual relations, and it can look different for each person. Some people abstain from all sexual activities, while others engage in things like outercourse.
In conclusion, Anerlisa’s decision to practice celibacy has had a positive impact on her life. It has broadened her spiritual well-being and enhanced her character traits. It has also helped her focus her attention on other areas in life and redefine how she sees things. Practising celibacy has several benefits, such as avoiding the emotional and physiological concerns associated with sexual intercourse with unfamiliar partners and helping save money. Celibacy is a personal decision, and there is no right or wrong way to practice it

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