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Mulamwah Spent Close to Ksh 5 Million on His New Mansion


Mulamwah Spent Close to Ksh 5 Million on His New Mansion

Kenyan comedian, Mulamwah, has revealed the staggering cost of his new multi-million shilling mansion under construction. The comedian disclosed to his fans that he has already spent close to Ksh 5 million on the project, “Building is expensive AF,” he sighed after revealing the exact records that he spent Ksh 4,894, 776. Despite the costs, fans took to the comments to congratulate him on his achievement.
In other news, Mulamwah has been spotted hilariously shooting his shot at plus-sized actress Sandra Dacha. This came weeks after Dacha hinted that she had separated from her comedian boyfriend, Akuku Danger. However, she did not reveal the identity of the man who stole her boyfriend.
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