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Alikiba Speaks on Meeting with Zuchu and her Disciplined Nature


Alikiba Speaks on Meeting with Zuchu and her Disciplined Nature

Tanzanian artist Alikiba has recently shared praises of fellow artist Zuchu in a rare show of admiration. Speaking in a post, Alikiba stated that he met Zuchu at the airport, and while they didn’t exchange phone numbers, he commended her discipline, adding that he loves her work and thinks she sings exceptionally well. Zuchu works under WCB, which is owned by the famous Tanzanian artist, Diamond Platnumz.
For years, Alikiba has been rumored to be in a long-standing feud with Diamond Platnumz. However, the situation may be less severe than the media portrays. In a video shared by Mseto East Africa, Diamond Platnumz revealed that most Tanzanians prefer it when an artist does not make it in the industry. He also shared his belief that the hate between him and Alikiba was created by Tanzanian blogs.
Diamond listed some artists he was previously pitted against, stating that it’s important to identify the difference between banter and fake news. He added that some managers and the media thrive on creating conflict and competition, which can destroy unity within the music industry.
As for Alikiba, he remains optimistic about the future and has made it clear that there’s no animosity between him and Zuchu. His praises of her disciplined nature and admiration of her work are proof of that.

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