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Maxine Wahome Accuses Late Boyfriend Of Abuse and Misusing Millions In Sponsorship Money


Maxine Wahome Accuses Late Boyfriend Of Abuse and Misusing Millions In Sponsorship Money

Maxine Wahome, the Kenyan rally driver who is currently facing murder charges, has made shocking allegations against her late boyfriend, Asad Khan, claiming that he had subjected her to domestic abuse and had schemed with his brother to take millions of shillings of her sponsorship money. These allegations were made in court through her lawyer during her bail submissions.
Wahome’s lawyer, Philip Murgor, claims that Asad and his brother, Adil, took advantage of Wahome’s success and diverted her sponsorship money to their own use, leaving Wahome with almost nothing in her pockets and bank account. At the height of her career, Wahome had sponsorship deals from top companies like Safaricom, Kenya Airways, and Quickmart Supermarkets, which amounted to more than Ksh 5 million.
Wahome has already pleaded not guilty to her murder charges, and she is now seeking temporary release from police custody as she awaits the hearing of her case. Her boyfriend, Asad Khan, passed away from his injuries after he was assaulted in December 2022, which led to Wahome’s arrest.
Maxine Wahome was considered the queen of Kenyan motorsport and had won the WRC3 during the 2022 WRC Safari Rally, which garnered her attention from some of the biggest stars in the sport. However, her dream of being a successful rally driver quickly turned into a nightmare after she was accused of assaulting her boyfriend.
Wahome’s case has garnered a lot of attention on social media, with some criticizing the companies that sponsored her for not releasing statements or cutting ties with her. Others have questioned whether Wahome would have received the same treatment if she were a man.
The allegations made by Wahome’s lawyer are quite serious and, if proven true, would shed a different light on the Kenyan rally driver’s downfall. The case is still ongoing, and we will have to wait for the verdict to see how it all ends.

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