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Akothee Opens Up About Her Mental Health Battles: “I was battling a monster in my head.”


Akothee Opens Up About Her Mental Health Battles: “I was battling a monster in my head.”

Akothee, the fearless and powerful “President of Single Mothers,” has shared her struggles with mental illness. She opens up about her battles with depression, panic attacks, isolation, and overwhelming parental responsibilities that resulted in extreme mood swings and sleep deprivation. Akothee admits that she begged her doctor to overdose her with sleeping drugs to feel numb from the pain and anguish.
In her vulnerable post, Akothee describes how she felt suffocated with a lot and couldn’t breathe at night. She woke up with her left side numb, which spread from her neck to her leg. She panicked and eventually developed a pinched nerve, which required surgery. The singer also revealed that she moved out of her mansions and put up with her sister-in-law to get some sleep. She was also put on antidepressants, which only worsened her emotions and resulted in crazy panic attacks.
Akothee has always been candid with her fans, sharing her romantic struggles but never her mental health battles. In her post, she describes the struggle of being herself without offending anyone and accepting what fame throws at her. She also struggled with letting some people out of her life without hurting them and accepting that she will have to parent virtually most of the time.
Akothee’s openness about her mental health struggles is commendable and shows that even the strongest and most successful people can face mental illness. It’s essential to break the stigma surrounding mental health.

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