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Actor Luwi Capello Reveals How a Life-Changing Accident Transformed His Perspective


Actor Luwi Capello Reveals How a Life-Changing Accident Transformed His Perspective

Actor Luwi Capello, known for his role in Nairobi Diaries, recently shared details of a life-changing accident that left him in ICU for four months. Speaking to Oga Obinna in the Kula Cooler show, Capello revealed how the accident affected his life.
The accident occurred during the Mayweather fight, while Capello was headed to Malindi to watch the fight with three other occupants in the vehicle. One of the passengers was sober and was asked to drive, while Capello sat behind. Near Kilifi, they saw a cat approaching the vehicle directly, not crossing the road, and when the driver swerved to avoid it, the car turned over three times before hitting a coconut tree. Capello was hit on the head by the tree and suffered severe injuries.
“My head was swollen, and I was bleeding internally,” he shared.
Capello was hospitalized for four months, and the medical bill came to Sh6 million. While he got saved, he never announced it as he couldn’t act due to the injuries he sustained. He explained how the accident affected his brain, and he still has to use medication due to his short-term memory.
Capello dropped out of broadcasting school because he couldn’t remember what he was learning. He said, “I feel like this accident opened up a lot for me. During that hat time nilikuwa na maringo najidai plus money. Hio accident ilinituliza hivi I thank God I had an accident coz it changed my perspective on how I see life.”
The accident led Capello to realize that he had fake friends who only hung out with him at parties and accepted his drinks. “Nilirudi home, sina hata bob, and I was going through physiotherapy, that’s when I knew the real people in my life,” he shared.
The accident transformed Capello’s perspective on life, and he expressed gratitude for the changes it brought about. He has now returned to the acting industry and is excited to see what the future holds for him.
In conclusion, Luwi Capello’s story is a reminder that accidents can happen to anyone, and we should appreciate the people in our lives who stick around when things get tough. It’s important to cherish the good things in life and not take them for granted, as life can be unpredictable.

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